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The Benefits: 

Are you tired of spending $300, $400, or even $500 for 10,000 Direct Mail Pieces?

Spending $100 or $200 per week hoping to have your message read in some Free TV Magazine or similar type of production? 

               Placemat Advertising is the Answer!

The latest statistic shows that placemat advertisements enjoy a readership rate of over 85%, giving business constant exposure every minute of the day!

Placemat Advertising is the MOST EFFECTIVE form of "Target Marketing" and the LEAST EXPENSIVE form of Advertising you can do!!!

​​​​​How it Works:

For the Restaurant/Diner Owner:

1. Bulldog Advertising provides complementary full color placemats with a custom center, designed by our graphic designer. 

2. We check in with you periodically to make sure you are happy and always stocked with your custom placemats. 

3. In return this provides local businesses with an outlet to get their individual advertisement in front of a captive audience. These advertisers are likely to attract their family, friends and clients to eat where they advertise!

For the Advertiser:

1. Once you make a decision as to which location(s) you would like to advertise at, I will come to your business or residence so we can meet to discuss the layout of your advertisement. 

            ...I will make suggestions as well as provide you with proven ways to capture your target market's attention. 

2. Then you will receive a proof of your custom advertisement, which is designed specifically for you from our graphic designer. 

3. Once you are 100% satisfied with your advertisement and give me permission to run it I will then mail you a copy of the finished placemat upon completion. 

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Placemat Advertising:

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